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I believe that the ideal age to start playing a string instrument is between age 4 (or 3 in some cases) and age 7, though I have had success with students who started later than that. Parental participation is vital to each child’s success, especially in the early years. Parents attend and participate in the lessons and in the practice session, being the “teacher” at home.

I always have an initial meeting with a potential student and his/her parent(s) to get a feel for whether or not we would be a good fit for working together. Once we have had this meeting, if we decide that we want to continue working together, we will begin our regular lessons.

Another element of Suzuki Education is participation in group classes, so whenever possible, group classes are a part of each student’s lesson schedule. Students are scheduled in pairs with a student of a similar ability level, each having a private lesson with a group class in between. Periodically, we have group class get-togethers, where all group classes of similar levels meet together for one big class- which is a lot of fun! We also have a yearly recital each spring which includes performances by the groups as well as all individual students.

The length of a student’s lesson is determined by his or her level and they are (approximately) as follows:


There are a few great places in the area for renting and/or buying instruments. I would gladly recommend them to any potential student. I STRONGLY advise against purchasing an instrument online. An instrument, no matter the price, should always be played before any money changes hands. There are some really terrible instruments out there and I’ve seen many students frustrated (and even quit playing) because of instruments that sounded awful no matter how much they practiced.

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